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History of NWCPSD


Created in 1989, the Northern Wayne County Public Service District (NWCPSD) was established to combat a rising environmental threat to the receiving streams of the area from failed septic systems. The system was installed for the purpose of transporting wastewater from residences and businesses of the Lavalette/Northern Wayne County area to the City of Huntington, WV for proper sewer treatment prior to being discharged into the Ohio River. The system is a "unique design" consisting of a pressurized system that involved the installation of approximately 1,200 individual "Grinder Stations" and 16 Lift Stations. The grinder pumps grind up solids and force them into 1 1/2" pressurized lines where they eventually connect to larger lines commonly referred to as Mains. Pressurized systems are an effective solution where conventional gravity systems are impractical to install due to elevation changes. In order to transport processed wastewater approximately 73 miles of pipeline ranging from 1 1/4" to 16" in size was installed.

System Wide Map

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