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So, Why Is My Bill So High?

We hear that question almost daily. Because we do not have meters installed at each individual residence or place of business the Public Service Commission requires that we bill you based off of your monthly water consumption. Our rates are based off of the minimum financial needs necessary to operate the system. As discussed previously, the following issues impact our operational cost:

  • High pump maintenance and pump replacement cost;

  • High utility bills (power) necessary to operate the pumping system;

  • Huntington Sanitary Board's treatment cost;

  • Unwanted infiltration entering the system that increases treatment cost.

Keep in mind, Northern Wayne County Public Service District is a "NON PROFIT" utility. That means we can only operate on the money we take in for the services we provide. Our recent rate increase is due to the Huntington Sanitary Board's rate increase from earlier this year (2023). This is due to the fact that all of our flow is transported to Huntington's treatment facility, therefore we have to pay them monthly based on the gallons treated. In 2022, we paid Huntington Sanitary Board a total of $437,474.88 and because we pay for the power to all of our panels and pumps, we paid Appalachian Power $268,850.90. 

Finally, you yourself can minimize your sewer bill by reducing the amount of water you use daily. Below are some tips you may want to consider:

  • Repair leaky faucets;

  • Toilets: Is your toilet leaking? Check it by pouring a package of Kool Aid into the tank and then check the bowl for any colored water. Also, reduce the amount of water used per flush by adjusting your fill level in the tank;

  • Shaving and washing hands: Fill your bowl with water to use instead of letting the water run;

  • Dishwashers and clothes washers: Wait until you have a full load before using;

We Strive to do the most we can to keep our operational cost down and to prevent additional rate increases. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (304)523-1070. 

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