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The Do's and Don'ts of the System

We work for you the customer. Every time you see us out please know that we are there working to correct a problem to ensure that the system continues to work properly. With approximately 2,800 customers and the number of facilities we have to maintain it is a constant battle to provide quality service. So what can you the customer do to help us?

  1. Well for one thing, did you know that every time you see a "red light" on your tank's panel box, it means there is a problem with your individual grinder pump. Don't assume we know about it. We would appreciate it if you, the customer, would call us during normal business hours at (304) 523-1070 and let us know. The longer the light is on the greater the potential could be for increased damages to your grinder system;

  2. The greatest threat to your individual grinder system is the flushing of unapproved items into the system such as Baby Wipes, Cleaning Wipes, and Feminine Hygiene Products. Your grinder pump is unable to grind those items to enable them to be processed into the pressurized system and instead clog the pumps causing the pumps to eventually fail. This is a major expense to the "District";

  3. Grease...when washed down your sink, grease sticks to the insides of sewer pipes. Over time, it can build up and block pipes causing backups, clog pumps and can cause other problems to your individual grinder system. Never pour grease or oils down sink drains or into toilets. Always scrape grease and food scraps into your trash for disposal;

  4. Infiltration, ever wonder why you see a lot of "red lights" come on or flashing on the panel boxes during a hard rain? It's because the system is taking on a lot of unwanted storm water infiltration. Why? Over the years the original pressurized system has taken on several much "older" gravity type systems whose pipes and manholes are not completely sealed. This unwanted infiltration overloads the system and creates backups, pump run failures, overflows and spills. What can you do to help? Roof drains, basement drains, pool drains, etc...are not allowed to be tied into the system. If you know you have any of these drains connected please disconnect them at once. Otherwise a surcharge could be added to your monthly bill for this drainage. Also, if you should see storm water/ rain water runoff entering a sewage manhole or individual grinder tank, please contact us during normal business hours and report it. Every gallon we prevent from entering the system is a savings to the "District". Whether you realize it or not this water gets mixed in with our wastewater and ends up at the Huntington Treatment Plant where they eventually charge the "District" to treat it.

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