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Billing Adjustments

The water companies are required to notify the District when it is determined that a reading error has occurred. Within five (5) working days of notification, the District will issue a credit on the customer's account and advise them in writing the amount of the adjustment made. The District does not recognize any adjustments made by the customer, until such notice is received from the water company.

The District will make a full and prompt investigation of all complaints made to it by its customer. Such complaints should be filed by the customer at the District office during normal operation hour


 Pool Fill Adjustments

We do provide a once a year pool fill adjustment for our customers, if we have a pool confirmation on file. If not feel free to print one out and drop it by our office. The adjustment will not take the entire amount of pool gallons off of your bill, it is just a tariff adjustment. Our pool adjustments are COURTESY adjustments. We are not required by the Public Service Commission to give these adjustments, we do them as a courtesy to our customers. We do ask that you pay attention to when you fill your pool, so that the gallons used fall on one bill, in order to give you a better adjustment.

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